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Microhydrin — super antioxidant. Coral Club International in Europe United Kingdom Turkey Israel

Microhydrin  — super  antioxidant. Coral Club International in Europe United Kingdom Turkey Israel

Запрос по услуге "Microhydrin — super antioxidant. Coral Club International in Europe United Kingdom Turkey Israel"


Energy, Endurance, Recovery. We all want it: More energy, faster recovery — and Microhydrin delivers!

Microhydrin, 60 capsules

Microhydrin has been proven to be the most powerful antioxidant on the world market, it neutralizes and renders harmless free radicals generated by everyday metabolic processes. An unhealthy diet, full of foods, high in fat or sugar, toxins in the air and water all lead to an increase in free radicals production, that’s why Microhydrin is essential to people, living in polluted ecological areas.

Microhydrin has been proven to be the most powerful antioxidant on the world market, it neutralizes and renders harmless free radicals generated by everyday metabolic processes. An unhealthy diet, full of foods, high in fat or sugar, toxins in the air and water all lead to an increase in free radicals production, that’s why Microhydrin is essential to people, living in polluted ecological areas. Microhydrin improves characteristics of biological substances in the cellular environment: pH, surface tension and specific conductivity. Microhydrin also has antiviral and antibacterial properties.


Microhydrin helps:

  • support general health;
  • improve digestion;
  • tone up the body;
  • increase energetic resources of the body;
  • improve mental work;
  • slow down the aging process;
  • eliminate damage, caused by free radicals;
  • prevent development of numerous chronic diseases.

  • Microhydrin-Apples

  • Microhydrin-Super Antioxidant

  • Microhydrin Plus

  • MicroHydrin-Demo See How Trillions of Electrons Protect us From Free Radicals

  • What is ORP and How It can Indicate Our Body Oxidation Level

Free radicals are unstable molecules, generated due to poor eating habits, stress, pesticides, pollution of the environment, work of electronic appliances and everyday metabolic processes of the body.

Free radicals are active unstable compounds. They travel through the body stealing electrons from stable molecules and turning these molecules into free radicals, which are less active. This continuous chain reaction leads to damage of the cells; as a result, there appear different diseases and premature degenerative changes.

Damage caused by free radicals is closely linked to almost 80 diseases. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, giving them one of their electrons. At this moment, the antioxidant itself turns into a weaker free radical that also tends to make up for the electron it’s lost.

Biological body fluids contain a certain amount of antioxidants and nutritional supplements help neutralize free radicals. However, acidic foods, stress and pollution lead to an increase in the number of free radicals created in the body. So, we need a reliable means of antioxidant protection, a potent antioxidant. An antioxidant like this was found due to a scientific discovery.

Present-day antioxidants contain vitamins C, E, b- carotene, selenium and OPC (oligomerous proantocyanidines), obtained from seeds of grapes and pine bark. These compounds consist of large molecules with a complex structure, but independently of their size, every such molecule can provide only one electron.

Hydrogen, which is the smallest but the most wide–spread element in the Universe, can serve as the most concentrated source of antioxidant energy.

Each capsule of Microhydrin contains silica, enriched with hydrogen, i.e., a compound of silica and hydrogen anions that contain loosely bound extra electrons. The extra electron is freely given to neutralize free radicals, rendering them harmless. As hydrogen is the smallest element, each capsule of Microhydrin can provide thousands of such electrons. It’s the only antioxidant form that doesn’t turn into a free radical when losing its electron, but dissociates into digestible nutrients — compounds of silica, salts of potassium and magnesium and water.

Going into details, we can say that microparticles of Microhydrin and Hydracel are compounds of silicate minerals, prepared in a certain way and similar to those that often occur in nature. They are often covered with vegetable oil that increases their fixation and transfer ability.

Microhydrin can structure water and body fluids. It reduces the surface tension of water, making it more digestible from a biological standpoint, and so improves hydration of cells and tissues, which is essential for the improvement of cell functioning. Tissue hydration in children has been proved to be much higher than that in elderly people. So, Microhydrin helps rejuvenate the body and delay the signs of aging.

Microhydrin is a universal and safe stimulant of energy generation. With Microhydrin, an active synthesis of ATP takes place in cells. ATP is a molecule, supplying energy for all biochemical processes in cells. This extra energy can be used to restore damaged cells, and accordingly, damaged tissues. This energy can also be used to normalize metabolic processes, fight against pathogenic microorganisms and chronic diseases. Thus, we can say that on condition that we consume all essential nutrients, Microhydrin stimulates processes of self-recovery of the body, helping to cure numerous illnesses, including chronic ones.

Presentation: capsules (60 capsules in a jar) and powder (100g in a jar).

One dose (1 capsule) contains 250mg of silicon hydride (silicon, potassium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, calcium citrate), rice flour.

It doesn’t contain any floury components, gluten and substances from maize or substances of animal origin.

Capsules: take 1 capsule once a day while eating, then follow with a glass of water. You can take 1 capsule as often as two times a day.

Powder: on the first two days take? measuring spoon of the powder (250 mg), them you can increase the dose to 1 measuring spoon 2 times a day or as it’s recommended by your doctor- consultant. You should always take a solution of Microhydrin, dissolving the powder in 250 mg of water. Caution! Do not take the powder of Microhydrin as it is without water! Do not take Microhydrin on an empty stomach!

Contraindications: none discovered.

Storage: keep in a cool, dry place, out of children’s reach.

The Results

Norman Ball Walks 8,000 Miles Taking Microhydrin

  • I am grateful for the improvement in my physical health since starting the RBC products. I am
    quite certain that my biological age is indeed reversing as I continue my nutritional regimen
    recommended by many of the experts at RBC and those distributors with significant
    experience in alternative health practices.
  • My daily regimen begins with HydraCel® charged water with Artichoke NanoClusters and
    FirstFood™. One hour later I have a ‘green’ drink (Phyto-Power™) that I mix with orange juice, and Microhydrin®. With that I take Microhydrin®, MSM™, I.Q. ™, Spirulina, ExtaCEE™, OPC Plus,
    Aloemannan™, and Digestion Formula. I replace breakfast and lunch with 2 pounds of fruit and Protivity™ and eat a sensible supper with the supplement regimen again. I take Over 30™ at night before bed with Microhydrin® and MSM.
  • The results I have experienced have been quite dramatic. My stomach and digestive tract have responded well. As I am walking approximately 20 miles per day on the Walk of Hope, I have noticed the incredibly fast recovery time overnight. I have also experienced a dramatic increase in lean muscle, weight loss, strength and stamina. I feel better than I have in 20 years. I just completed a marathon walk from Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I completed this walk of 99 kilometers (62 miles) in 24 hours.
  • I know this product line will change and improve lives, and I believe that people are much more concerned with their physical well-being than in times past. This may be the best possible time to be involved with the nutrition industry. To have the opportunity to access breakthrough health products like these is awesome.
  • Thank you for bringing these life enhancing and energy producing products to the market.

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